Thermoplastic Powder Coating Services

Thermoplastic coatings have been developed specifically for superior corrosion protection and impact strength. It is a durable plastic layer applied to predominantly metal equipment. The bonding method is through heat and not a chemical reaction, making it relatively easy to repair (or remove) a damaged thermoplastic coating.

The Benefits of Thermoplastic Coatings

A thermoplastic coating offers several definite advantages when considering various options for coating your equipment, machinery and products. It is a highly versatile and cost-effective coating that should always be considered for general use in diverse industries.

  • Durability – Thermoplastics are highly resistant to abrasion, corrosion and impacts. It forms a lasting protective barrier against chemicals, water and other corrosive substances while also being able to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Adhesion – Thermoplastics are easy to apply through spraying, dipping or powder coating, and attach confidently to most surfaces. Thermoplastics are also fully customisable for colour, thickness and texture.
  • Cost-effective – Thermoplastics can be melted and reformed multiple times, making it a cost-effective coating to apply. This property significantly lowers maintenance costs because an applied coating can often be repaired in situ.

Choose SES Coatings in QLD

Thermoplastic coatings are ideal for chemical plants, oil refineries, factories and diverse objects in harsh environments, such as harbours and playgrounds. South East Superior Coatings will apply, repair and remove thermoplastic coatings for you. Our modern workshop is in Coolum, QLD, where we will apply a thermoplastic coating to your exact specifications.

thermoplastic coating
thermoplastic coating

Exceptional resistance

Exceptional resistance against salt spray, humidity, most common chemicals, acids, and alkalis.

Slip Resistance – with Ultra Friendly Feel.

Tactile grip and warm feel. Vandal and graffiti resistance

Suitable for contact with drinking water and food

Potable water certifications – suitable for contact with drinking water and food
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