Thermoplastic Powder Coating Services

Thermoplastic coatings are a highly effective solution for providing superior corrosion protection and impact strength to metal equipment. Unlike traditional coatings that rely on chemical reactions, thermoplastic coatings bond through heat, allowing for easy repair or removal of damaged areas.

Benefits of Thermoplastic Coatings

  1. Durability: Thermoplastics offer excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and impacts. They provide a long-lasting protective barrier against chemicals, water, and other corrosive substances, while also withstanding extreme temperatures.
  2. Adhesion: Thermoplastics can be applied through various methods like spraying, dipping, or powder coating, and they adhere well to most surfaces. Additionally, they offer customization options for colour, thickness, and texture.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Thermoplastics can be melted and reformed multiple times, making them a cost-effective coating solution. This property significantly lowers maintenance costs as damaged coatings can often be repaired in place.

Our Other Popular Services

In addition to our Thermoplastic Powder Coating services, SES Coatings offers a range of other popular coating services to meet diverse industry needs. Our expertise extends to:

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When it comes to thermoplastic coatings, SES Coatings in Coolum, QLD, is your trusted partner. Our modern workshop is equipped to apply, repair, and remove thermoplastic coatings according to your exact specifications. Whether you need corrosion protection for chemical plants, oil refineries, factories, or objects in harsh environments like harbours and playgrounds, our experienced team ensures high-quality results.

Experience the benefits of thermoplastic coatings for your equipment and machinery. 

Contact SES Coatings today to discuss your coating requirements and discover how our services can meet your needs.

thermoplastic coating
thermoplastic coating

Exceptional resistance

Exceptional resistance against salt spray, humidity, most common chemicals, acids, and alkalis.

Slip Resistance – with Ultra Friendly Feel.

Tactile grip and warm feel. Vandal and graffiti resistance

Suitable for contact with drinking water and food

Potable water certifications – suitable for contact with drinking water and food
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