Abrasive Blasting Services

If you need to remove paint or rust from steel goods, our abrasive blasting will bring them back to their former glory. Abrasive blasting services involves spraying abrasive material onto the surface at high speed, resulting in a smooth surface.

Recondition Metal Surfaces with Abrasive Blasting Services for Brisbane Businesses

If you want to safeguard your metal goods from oxidation, coating their surface is one prevention method. Before you do this, you must prepare the raw steel, galvanised, stainless steel, or aluminium surface by sandblasting it. Our sand blasting is abrasive enough to prepare the surface while maintaining the integrity of your product. Here’s how we ensure that we do the job right the first time:

  • Quality assurance. The processing of blasting jobs includes Inspection Test Planning to ensure the steps involved meet ISO standards. Quality procedures also include profile testing.
  • Innovative mineral abrasives. Unlike silica sand, we use Australian premium-grade garnet, which doesn’t produce as much dust; thus, ingesting it is less of a safety hazard.
  • High-capacity facility. We have a big enough blast chamber to manage large-scale projects.

How We Add Value to Your Brisbane Abrasive Blasting Projects

We supply our customers with a quality assurance certificate on job completion. We are also proud 2014 finalists in the Sunshine Coast Business Awards.

intumescent coating
intumescent coating

Thorough surface preparation

Thorough surface preparation before coating is essential

For steel in all forms

Suitable for steel in all forms like raw steel, galvanized, stainless steel and aluminium

Australian Premium Grade Garnet

Australian Premium Grade Garnet used to remove rust and paint.
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