Fire Proof Coatings

Serving as a barrier that can withstand extremely high temperatures, our fire proof coatings seek to protect your building materials from the ever-present threat of fire. A common and often destructive sight in Australia, fires and wildfires are responsible for causing untold damage and death across the country. Including fire proof powder coating in your building materials, you can prevent the deterioration of your properties by being proactive.

When clients approach us about our fire-retardant paint, they often ask:
  • What makes this paint different? When exposing our coatings to fire, the coating immediately starts to char, thereby limiting the effect of prolonged exposure to heat and preventing the fire from further penetrating the material.
  • How does it prevent fire from spreading more easily? Because of the physical make-up of the coatings, our surfacing deprives the fire of fuel.
  • How does it promote our safety? Our coatings also limit the production of harmful and deadly smoke, which is usually the main cause of death or injury during a fire.

Why Trust our Fire Resistant Coating?

We value the safety of our customers above all else, and for this reason, we only use intumescent fire retardant coating products which are all non-toxic, non-dermatic, and safe for pets. By employing cost-effective preventative measures, such as our fireproof coatings, we can help to ensure that our clients and their assets are ready for action and tough enough to put up a fight.

Ensure your construction materials can hold their own with our fireproof coatings for steel services.

intumescent coating
intumescent coating

Fire retardant coatings form a tough char barrier

Fire retardant coatings expand to form a tough char barrier which fire cannot penetrate.

Fire retardant coatings deprive the fire of fuel

The fire quickly dies when the fire retardant coatings deprives the fire of fuel.

Minimizes deadly smoke production

Fire retardant coatings minimize deadly smoke production, one of the leading causes of fatalities in residential and commercial fires.
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